Hide, review, and approve member videos

Social learning is a powerful way to engage students which is why Flipgrid defaults videos to be seen by all learners in a Topic! Flipgrid also offers a Group lead moderation feature which allows you to approve all member activity before it's shared with other Group members in the Topic.  

Hide new videos from Group members

Turn on Approve member activity under Topic settings. Only the Group lead and co-leads will be able to view submitted videos until they choose to make them active in the Topic. 

  1. Access your educator account at admin.flipgrid.com.
  2. From your Dashboard page, go to the Topics tab mceclip0.pnglocate your Topic
  3. Use the pencil icon mceclip1.png to Edit Topic 
  4. Click on Settings mceclip2.png
  5. Within the Topic section, toggle the Approve member activity  setting to be on: 


Need help finding Edit Topic and Topic settings?


Hide or Activate Member Videos

The quickest way to watch and make moderated videos visible is to use your Recent Videos section. Here, you can filter for moderated videos to quickly streamline your process to review and activate videos. 


Recent Videos Section

  1. On your Educator Dashboard, click on your Profile icon
  2. On the dropdown, click on Activitymceclip0.png
  3. Toggle right Only Show Moderated Responsesmceclip2.png



Topic Level 

Group leads can also make videos active from the Topic details page: 

  1. Access your educator account at admin.flipgrid.com
  2. Go to your Topic 
  3. Scroll down to see a list of videos.
    • Change Hidden to Active.
    • Use the batch actions to make multiple or all videos active.




Can members still view hidden videos that I haven't activated yet? Members can view their moderated videos by going to my.flipgrid.com and using their email to access any videos they have submitted on Flipgrid. Member will also receive a confirmation email their video was submitted. 


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