Playback: My video isn't playing

Flipgrid is being used more than ever as classrooms move to remote learning. With so many videos being submitted, it should still only take 1-2 minutes to process but we have seen videos take up to 10 minutes. Please allow time for your video to process and try playing again.

Also, please try to completely refresh your page or try another device/browser to see if this helps. If using the App, make sure you are using the most up to date version.

Reasons why a video cannot be played

  • Lost Internet Connection: The device loses internet during the recording or video submission step. A poor internet connection or the member closed the app before it completed submitting.
  • Outdated App or Browser: Not being on the latest app or browser version can cause issues, please update your browser or delete/reinstall the Flipgrid app before submitting a video.
  • Flash Browser: Using a Flash browser such as Safari or old Edge is not recommended with Flipgrid, please update to Chrome or the new Microsoft Edge for the best performance.
  • Imported videos: A video record outside Flipgrid and then imported can possibly cause issues. Use a free program such as to convert the file if the issue continues. We recommend converting to mp4, 720p quality.

Recommendations for the best recording experience

  1. Update to the latest browser version of choice. Flipgrid recommends using New Edge or Chrome.
  2. Some browsers use Flash Player, which might need updating. Refer to supported browsers
  3. Force quit the browser and try again (hold Command+Q on Mac, Alt+F4 on PC, close ALL windows on Chromebooks).
  4. Try another browser to see if the issue persists.
  5. If the issue continues, completely restart the device and try again.

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