Import or Upload a Video to the Flipgrid Camera

The Flipgrid camera makes it fun and easy to submit videos. You can import your own videos as well. 

Use your phone's native camera, edit videos with iMovie, or try AppSmashing with apps like Chatterpix, Screencastify, or Adobe Spark and upload them to your Flipgrid videos! 

Import a custom video clip

After selecting Record a Response in a Topic, members can import their own custom video by


  1. Open the Options drawer 
  2. Select Upload clip to open your device's videos
  3. Select the video clip to import
  4. Review the clip and select Add more to continue adding the Flipgrid video or Next to submit the video
  5. Review your video - Trim, re-arrange, or add more. Tap the arrow in the bottom right to advance.
  6. Submit your video - Edit your name, add a title, change the cover photo, or attach a link... then submit!

The length of your video is limited based on the Topic settings. Leads can allow up to 10-minute videos. Looking for longer videos? Check out these ideas such as YouTube.

Additional Details:

  • Flipgrid currently supports MP4, MOV, and WEBM video formats.
  • The maximum size of an import is 500 mb.
  • Chromebooks do not support MOV files.
  • We recommend the web browser or app is up to date to avoid any importing issues.

Having issues with an imported video?

We recommend using a free program, such as, to convert the video to 720p quality.


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