Mic only mode: Create audio-only videos

Mic only mode allows members the ability to create audio-only videos by:

1. Allowing users to share their voice without sharing their face - Camera shy users can switch to recording audio only on the screen.  

2. Display audio as a waveform - The waveform will have a dual purpose as an audio meter to visually indicate to a user their volume level. 

3. Add effects without using the camera - Filters, frames, emojis, whiteboards, backdrop, background music and texts can still be used! Why not create an emoji singing your favorite tune?

Here's how you can submit a video response with 'Mic only' mode:

  1. Select Record a Response from the Topics page
  2. Open the Options drawer, and then select Mic only
  3. Press the circle to record, and then click Next to proceed with editing and submitting the video

When you're in mic only mode, the blue circle will pulse to the sound being recorded. You can also add effects like emojis and frames, as you would in a normal video!


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