Updating public groups and topics

We love seeing how our community uses public groups and topics to bring people together and spark meaningful discussions. Public groups and topics are not, however, intended for classroom use.

When a group or topic is public, anyone with the join code and a Microsoft or Google account can participate in the discussion. To ensure the safety and privacy of classroom discussions, please update how members access these groups and topics. Email or Google Classroom only allow specific members to join a discussion, and require them to join using their provided credentials which is preferred.

You may need to update a group or topic if any of the following occur:

  1. Members might receive an error message indicating that they don’t have access to the discussion and should contact their lead.
  2. The topics within the group are moderated and you don’t want to moderate the discussion.
  3. Your group or topic settings indicate it is set to public which is no longer allowed. 

How to manage members in existing public groups


1. Select the existing public group

2. Select Edit Group

3. Go to the Manage members section

4. Select email or domain - this is the most secure method and there is the option to individually put all emails (studentname@student.edu) or just the email domain (@student.edu). Other options include username or Google Classroom

5. Select Update Group

How to turn off moderation for an existing public topic

Topics that belong to existing public groups will automatically be moderated to further protect those who use Flipgrid. If you would like to turn off moderation, you will be required to manage the members as described above first, and then you will be able to turn off topic moderation for the topic.


1. Follow the steps in How to manage the members of existing public groups

2. Select the Topic that previously was in a public group

3. Select Edit Topic

4. Go to the Settings tab

5. Turn off Approve member activity

6. Select Update Topic

To understand how members can join discussions, see Overview of How Members Join. This article will also explain how to enable a topic for families and guests to participate in the discussion.

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