Add Closed Captions to Videos with No Audio

Leads have the option to add closed captions on videos without audio.  This feature can support American Sign Language (ASL) classrooms or any videos that did not capture the audio previously. 

1. Select the video that you would like to add closed captions to

  • Note: Leads can add closed captions to their Topic Media, Member Responses and Shorts! 

2. Select the Closed Captions tab

3. Select Add Captions 

4. Select I want to add my own captions 

  • Note: If you select Generate captions for me, it will produce no captions as there is no audio available


5. You'll see text fields with the allocated time. Fill in the closed captions for each section.


6. Select Update

7. You've added your own closed captions to your video. Play your video to review your closed captions. 


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