Select Camera and Microphone Inputs for Your Flipgrid Video

You can select the camera and microphone input for recording your video, as well as view the volume detected by your selected microphone. Device settings are available whenever you record a video in Flipgrid on your desktop. 


How to select your camera or microphone input

1. Go to your Topic and select Record a Response

2. Select Options

3. Select Device settings


4. Use the Pick your camera dropdown menu to select your camera input and Pick your microphone to select your microphone input.


5. You've updated your camera and microphone settings for your video. 


  • What's the default camera and microphone? The default camera and microphone in Flipgrid as the same as your browser defaults. 
  • I plugged in a new camera or microphone to my device. Why isn't it showing up in the camera or microphone dropdown? Try refresh the webpage. 
  • Can I change my camera settings after I've already started recording? Yes! You can visit Device settings at any time to change your camera settings, regardless of whether you're recording or paused.
  • Can I change my microphone settings after I've already started recording? Yes! You'll need to reset your settings. 
    • Pause your recording.
    • Select Next to go to the edit step, then, select Add More to return to the recording step.
    • Go to Device settings before you start recording again, to update your microphone settings.
  • Do my camera and microphone settings apply when I'm recording my screen? Yes!
  • Can I configure the microphone to capture system audio (any sounds that are played through my computer such as notifications, alerts, or music)? Unfortunately, this option is not available. At this moment, we are only able to select different cameras or microphones to capture external sounds. 
  • If I'm in a Microsoft Teams  call and I am using the web camera at the same time, can I use a different camera for Teams than for the web camera? This is only available on Macs. 

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