Mobile App for Leads

As we continue to improve the mobile experience for Flipgrid, we're happy to announce that some admin features for Group leads are now available in the app. Visit the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android to download the free Flipgrid app, and try them out!

NOTE: Flipgrid requires iOS 13.6+ and Android OS 6+.

In this update
  • View and share all your groups and topics
  • Change basic group and topic settings
  • Activate/hide a group
  • Create a new topic in an existing group
  • View active video responses, and leave comments
  • Record your own response to a topic
Coming soon
  • Create a new Flipgrid account
  • Create a new group
  • Manage the members for each group
  • Add/remove co-leads for a group
  • Activate/hide a topic
  • View hidden video responses

To open your Educator account in the app, simply sign in with your credentials:

  • at the bottom of the welcome screen, or
  • in the menu from the profile button in the top-right corner.

mobile-welcome.png    mobile-menu.png

We're excited to keep bringing you more Group lead features in the Flipgrid mobile app. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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