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As we continue to improve the mobile experience for Flipgrid, we're happy to announce that some admin features for group leads are now available in the app. To download the Flipgrid app, visit the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android.

Important: Flipgrid requires iOS 13.6+ and Android OS 6+.

In this update
  • Create a new Flipgrid account
  • Create a new group
  • Manage the members for each group
  • Add/remove co-leads for a group
  • Activate/hide a topic
  • View hidden video responses


Create an account on the app

1. Download the Flipgrid app for iOS or Android.

2. Open the app and tap Sign up

3. Choose Sign up with Microsoft or Sign up with Google.

4. Choose an email. 

  • Important:
    • If you're going to use Flipgrid for your school or organization, use the email provided by them to sign up.
    • If you've logged in to your Microsoft or Google account on your mobile device, you'll find that email listed as an option to create an account. 

5. Include your birthdate, country, and community.

  • Important: We'll only use this information to confirm you're an adult. We won't save this information.

6. To start using Flipgrid, tap Next.


Open your account on the app


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