Add co-leads to your groups

Invite others to help manage your Groups with co-Leads. Co-leads can help manage a Group by creating topics, moderating videos, providing feedback, and more.

There is no limit to how many co-leads can be added to a Group. The co-leads will also have all of the same settings as the Group owner, including notifications. 

Co-leads emails must match their Flipgrid lead account. Have them check their Flipgrid email if invites aren't working. 

Add co-leads to your groups

  1. Go to your Educator Dashboard at
  2. Use the More Options mceclip0.pngbutton on your Group and select Add a co-lead
  3. Enter any email address associated with an Educator account and select Invite. 


  • You will need the exact email of the lead's account. Have leads sign up for free at and confirm their exact account email by going to their profile page.
  • For adding and/or managing co-leads to Google Classroom Groups, only Google emails can be used.


Your co-leads will see a message at the top of their Educator account inviting them to join your Group! They'll also receive an email invitation with the option to accept.

Once they click Accept they will be a co-lead in that Group and will be able to help manage the next steps of sharing and engaging their members!



Co-leads can help Group leads manage their Group by adding members, creating and managing Topics, providing member feedback, and more! As the Group owner, you can easily view, add, and remove Co-Leads from your Group at any time. 

Manage your co-leads

Note: Only the Group Owner can add and remove co-Leads. Group ownership can't be transferred to others. For adding and/or managing co-leads to Google Classroom Groups, only Google emails can be used..

View and remove co-leads

  1. Go to your Groups overview
  2. Select the Group with Co-Leads
  3. Within your Group details, select Manage co-leads

Here you will see a list of all your Co-Leads. You can add unlimited Co-Leads or use the delete button to remove a Co-Lead. 



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