Minimum Device Requirements and Compatibility

You can watch and create Flipgrid videos on almost any mobile device or computer! Depending on what kind of device, there are some required OS and browser versions outlined below. Check if your system meets the minimum requirements to use Flipgrid here

PCs, Macs, & Chromebooks

Flipgrid works best with the new Microsoft Edge. In addition, please see the table below for how Flipgrid works with other browsers:

  New Edge 💯 Chrome Firefox Old Edge Safari
Video Recording Built-in (WebRTC) Built-in (WebRTC) Built-in (WebRTC) Upload clip only

v12: Upload clip only

v14+: Built-in (WebRTC)

Video Playback  Native (MP4) Native (MP4) Native (MP4) Native (MP4) Native (MP4)
Overall Experience Super Awesome  Super Awesome Awesome Great Great
Min Version  Last 2 versions Last 2 versions Last 2 versions 44 / 18 12

Some camera effects are only available on certain desktop browsers. Learn more about using music on web, backdrops on web, and GIFs on web.

Computers without cameras

You can create Flipgrid videos using computers without a built-in camera. If you would like to record with video, select a webcam input for your video. If you would not like to record with video, remember that you can still enable Mic Only and add any effect your device supports. 

iOS and Android Apps

To create a Flipgrid video on a mobile device, members will need to download the free Flipgrid app. Leads can use both the mobile app, mobile browser, or desktop to access their account and manage their groups.

Flipgrid's iOS app requires iOS 13.6 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Please make sure you are using the latest version of the Flipgrid app and we always recommend the latest iOS version. Camera effects are not supported during the video and selfie step for iPhone 6, iPad Air, iPhone SE, and older devices.

Flipgrid's Android app requires Android 6.0 and up. Please make sure you are on the latest version of the Flipgrid app and we always recommend the latest Android OS version. For Android 8.0 and below, trim and split camera editing functionalities are not supported. 


#FlipgridAR Compatibility

Watch videos in augmented reality using FlipgridAR! Many iOS and Android devices support this but this is not available for PCs, Macs, or Chromebooks. Learn more about FlipgridAR here.

Apple devices made after 2015 (iPhone 6s or newer) running iOS 12 or higher have AR capabilities. Check your device to see if it has Apple's "arkit" compatibility here:

Android devices running Android OS8 (Oreo) are supported, along with limited OS7 support. Google has a list of supported devices, and if they have special operating system requirements, at

Other Devices

Other devices such as Kindles, Microsoft phones, and older devices may watch Flipgrid videos but they will not be able to record videos. 

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