Add members by email or domain

Group leads can specify which emails or domains can join a group and its topics. For example, leads can add specific members' emails and only those members can join the discussion. Adding a specific school or district email domain, i.e., will allow anyone in that domain to use group or topic join codes to join the discussion.

Emails and domains must be managed by Microsoft or Google.

Tip: If you’re prompted to log in, choose Google if your work or school organization uses Google Classroom, Docs, and Drive.  Choose Microsoft if your school uses Word, OneDrive, or Microsoft Teams. 

Setting up email or domain access


  1. Sign in to your account at
    • To add members to a new group, select +Group create-group.png
    • To add members to an existing group, select More options options.png for the group and then Edit Group
  2. Scroll down to 'Manage members' and select Email or domain
  3. Add your members' emails
    • Add email domains: Give access to members who share an email domain. A domain is anything after the @ sign. For example, adding would allow any member with that domain to join (they must also have the join code). If using email domains, beware that other classrooms, the entire school or even the school district can have access to the group or topic if they have the join code.

    • Add individual emails: Give permission to specific email addresses. For example, adding would only allow the member with that specific email to join. We recommend using individual emails when the topic is set for a specific group of members for a specific classroom conversation.
    • Tip: Group leads can bulk add emails or domains by adding them to a CSV file and uploading it.
  4. Update or create your group

Share with members

Share the join code with members, who can enter it at or on the free Flipgrid app.

Members will need to verify their email by logging in to their email using Microsoft or Google. Only members with an email that matches the email addresses you've added to the Group can join. 


What if your members don't have emails? Learn more about usernames for younger members to enter a custom username or easily scan a QR badge.

Want to give permission to families and friends? You can add a guest password to individual topics for those participants to join!

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