Add members by username or QR code

If your members don't have Microsoft or Google accounts, Flipgrid makes safe and secure sign in easy with usernames! Usernames are created by the Group lead and can be a name, initials, lunch pins, or any easy-to-remember combination. When creating a username, a unique QR code is also created for the member to scan on the free Flipgrid app for mobile devices and tablets.

There is no limit to the number of usernames you can make for each Group. You can bulk upload up to 250 usernames at a time by uploading a CSV.


  1. This setting is permanent. Once a group is created with usernames, you cannot change how to manage members for that group.
  2. Groups with usernames cannot use shareable links either.

Setting up usernames

  1. Sign in to your account at
    • Click on + Groupmceclip2.png to create a new group. Scroll down and click on mceclip1.png
    • To add members to an existing group, select More options options.png for the group and then Edit Group
  2. Scroll down to Username and expand it
  3. Add your members' usernames
    • Upload a list of members; or manually add each member's first name, last name, and username
    • After adding a member, you can print a QR code for the member to scan to join the discussion
    • Tip: Add some numbers or special characters to each username to make them unique
    • Note: Usernames are case and space sensitive
  4. Update or create your group

Share with members

Share the join code with members, who can enter it at or on the free Flipgrid app.

Members will need to verify their identity by entering their username. Only members with a username added in the group settings will be allowed to join.


Do your members have a Microsoft or Google account? Add them by email or domain.

Want to give permission to families and friends? You can add a guest password to individual topics for those participants to join!

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