Overview of How Members Join

Group leads create groups and topics to invite members, peers, families, and communities to participate in Flipgrid. You can manage who can join these discussions and post video responses.

Manage access to your groups and topics

  • Email or domain: Members enter the join code or link, and join using Microsoft or Google accounts. Only those with a Microsoft/Google email that matches the approved emails can join.
  • Username: Members enter the join code or link, and enter the username that was created for and assigned to them.
  • Google Classroom: Members can access Flipgrid groups and topics with their Google Classroom account once their lead has imported their Google Classroom roster.
  • Guest Password (topics only): Leads can invite family, peers, or other communities to join individual topics by entering a password once they've opened the join code or link.
  • Shareable link: A quick way to give members access without choosing any of the above. You have the ability to approve or deny requests to join the group.

How to manage members for each group

Web Browser Mobile Application
  1. Sign in to your account at admin.flipgrid.com.
    • To add members to a new group, select +Group create-group.png
    • To add members to an existing group, select More options options.png for the group and then Edit Group
  2. Scroll down to 'Manage members' and select a permission option from the list above
  3. Update or create your group

Any topic that is moved or duplicated to a different group will inherit that group's access settings.

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