Mixtapes: Sharing videos across your Topics and Groups

Mixtapes allow Group leads to showcase member videos from across any Topic and easily share with others! This is a view-only set of videos hand-selected by the Group lead.


Step 1: Create a Mixtape

  1. Go to your account and select the profile icon > Mixtapes from the menu. You can also use this link for direct access admin.flipgrid.com/manage/mixtapes
  2. Select the +Mixtape mceclip0.png button 
  3. Add a title, a description and an optional password
  4. Select Create Mixtape mceclip1.pngbutton

Step 2: Add videos to your Mixtape

Now that you have created your Mixtape, you need to add member video responses from your Recent Activity or your Topics. 

  1. Go to a Topic to view the Responses that you would like to add.
  2. mceclip4.png 
  3. Select the Response you would like to add to your mixtape.
  4. Select the ... button beside the response
  5. Select Add to Mixtapes
  6. Select the mixtape that you just created in Step 1.
    • Or select  Create a Mixtape if you want to make a new onemceclip3.png
  7. Select Add
  8. Select Got it! Your Video has been added to your Mixtape.
  9. Continue these steps to add more videos to your Mixtape!

Step 3: Share your Mixtape

To share your view-only Mixtape, simply share the Join Link or Code! 

  1. Under Mixtapes, select the blue Share button
  2. Copy the link (www.flipgrid.com/+team) or share the Mixtape Join Code (+team)
  3. You can also share the QR code, embed the Mixtape, or share to Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, or Remind

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