Embed Flipgrid in an LMS or Website

Flipgrid can be embedded into any LMS or webpage! This will allow members to watch and/or record videos without having to leave your desired page.  The exact steps to embed depend on your LMS or webpage and inserting HTML. 

NOTE - Google and other sites may block videos from being recorded when embedded. If so, please copy/paste the Join Link instead of embedding to access the Topic at flipgrid.com. 

Copy the embed code:

  1. Access your lead account at admin.flipgrid.com
  2. Select the Share optionmceclip1.png next to the Group, Topic, or video Response you want to embed
  3. Select the blue embed button to automatically copy the HTML embed code
  4. Visit your LMS, blog, or another website. When editing/creating, there should be an option to edit the HTML code. Paste the Flipgrid embed code into your page.


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