Help Recording on iOS and Android Devices

NOTE - Flipgrid requires iOS 13.6+ and Android OS 6+.

With the free Flipgrid app on iOS and Android devices, members can record anywhere, anytime! The app is required because mobile browsers are unable to record videos.

If members are experiencing issues recording, please try the following to troubleshoot any issues:

  • Make sure the Flipgrid app is on the latest version. Deleting and reinstalling the app is the best way to confirm this.
  • Check that Flipgrid has the correct camera and microphone permissions:
    • iOS: Select Settings --> Privacy and make sure Flipgrid has permission to both the camera and microphone. If you do not see Flipgrid on this list, your device has extra security settings and Flipgrid must be approved by your device supervisor.
  • Update to the latest OS version, if possible.

Members may also use a computer to record their video. Contact us if the issue is not resolved.

  iOS Android
Video Recording Flipgrid App Flipgrid App
Compatible Devices iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Native (MP4)
Minimum Version iOS 13.6 or later Android OS 6 or later
Overall Experience Super Awesome Great


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