Topic settings: Topic media

Topic Media gives you the option to add a resource to engage your members. This is optional but something we recommend to help add design, style, and more info to your Topic! Here are details on all the different Topic Media options. Note - only one Topic Media is allowed per Topic.


  • Record a Videomceclip1.png: Use the Flipgrid camera features to add a video with whiteboard mode, images as stickers, pixel filters, and more! The video must be recorded from a web browser.
  • Upload a Videomceclip2.png: Record a video using another platform (such as Screencastify or PowerPoint). We recommend mp4 files in 720p quality.
  • Add YouTube or Vimeo Videomceclip3.png: Search or paste any URL already on YouTube or Vimeo. This is also a great way to post videos longer than 5 minutes.
  • Upload an Imagemceclip0.png: We recommend 1600x900 pixels for images. We currently support jpegs but are working to support png files in the future!
  • Add a Giphymceclip4.png: Search giphy for a fun gif. Note: some school networks block giphy.
  • Add an Emojimceclip4.png: Express yourself with an emoji! 🤪
  • Add a Bitmojimceclip4.png: Connect your Bitmoji account and search for different stickers to personalize the experience for your members. 
  • Partner Resourcesmceclip5.png: Add a link to one of our partners to share great resources. Microsoft documents, Google Docs, Kahoot games, Wakelet collections, Nearpod lessons, Newsela articles, Adobe Sparks, or Wonders from Wonderopolis.

 Here's how to edit your Topic Media:

  1. Go to your Educator Dashboard at
  2. Select a Group and scroll down to see a list of your Topics.
  3. Use the Edit Topic (little pencil) mceclip1.png(not to be confused with editing a Group)
  4. Scroll down to edit your Topic media. 
  5. Select your Topic Media type 
  6. Create or Save your Topicmceclip0.png


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