Closed captions: editing, changing the language, generating, adding and disabling

Flipgrid works hard to ensure all members' voices can be part of the discussion, regardless of how they share their voice. An important feature for video accessibility is closed captions. Flipgrid automatically generates closed captions for all new videos. Closed captions can be updated or changed within each Topic's settings.

Group leads can set a different language, edit the closed captions, rerun closed captions for individual videos, add closed captions for videos with no audio or turn off closed captions.

  1. Change the language or disable closed captions
  2. Edit Closed Captions for a video
  3. Rerun Closed Captions for a video
  4. Add closed captions for videos with no audio

Change language or disable closed captions

By default, Topics will have closed captions turned on to caption English. Flipgrid offers 11 different languages video responses can be transcribed in. 

  1. Visit your Group lead account at
  2. Select the Topic you wish to edit or disable the closed captions, then select the mceclip0.png icon.
  3. Select Edit Topic.
  4. Select the Settings tab.
  5. Select the Closed Caption language that is right for you.


  • Updating closed-caption preferences will only affect new videos. Videos submitted prior to the changes will not be affected.
  • The Flipgrid platform is currently only offered in English, changing the closed caption language does not change the language of the platform.


Edit closed captions for a video

Closed captions are automatically captioned by Microsoft's Azure services. This service works great if there is minimal background noise and participants speak clearly. Group leads can edit any errors that occur during captioning. Only Group leads can edit closed captions, but members have a few different options for including text in their videos.

To edit closed captions as a Group lead, check out this article for full instructions!


Rerun closed captions for a video

You can generate closed captions for a video to a different language.

1. Select the video

2. Select the Closed Captions tab

3. Select Request new captions



4. Select Generate captions for me and the language that you want to capture.

*Note: Closed captions does not translate your audio to a different language. It can only translate the captions created from the language you've used. For example, speaking English and selecting French will not generate French translations.


5. Check back shortly to see your updated closed captions appear. 



  • If you have not enabled closed captions in your Topic settings, you'll see this message instead. 


Add closed captions for videos with no audio

Group leads have the option to add closed captions on videos without audio.  This feature can support American Sign Language (ASL) classrooms or any videos that did not capture the audio previously. 

1. Select the video that you would like to add closed captions to

  • Note: Leads can add closed captions to their Topic Media, member responses and Shorts! 

2. Select the Closed Captions tab

3. Select Add Captions 

4. Select I want to add my own captions. 

  • Note: If you select Generate captions for me, it will produce no captions as there is no audio available


5. You'll see text fields with the allocated time. Fill in the closed captions for each section.


6. Select Update.

7. You've added your own closed captions to your video. Play your video to review your closed captions. 


To learn more about how to edit closed captions, check out these other articles:


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