Camera Help - WebGL Not Supported or Basic Camera

This article will walk you through troubleshooting the WebGL Not Supported camera error when trying to record a video. The Basic Camera may be recommended if the device does not properly load the camera. The Basic Camera is a simple Flipgrid camera that simply offers basic recording, with no editing or pausing features.

Basic Camera

Troubleshooting WebGL error

  1. Confirm you're on the latest version of Chrome. You can check this by going to chrome://settings/help
  2. Head to chrome://settings/?search=hardware+acceleration in your Chrome browser. Make sure to activate the "Use hardware acceleration when available" and then relaunch the Chrome browser.
  3. Close the browser and restart the device.

If your device is a school managed device, please have your school IT confirm camera and microphone access is allowed in the Google Chrome Active Directory policy.  

Schools that manage devices will also need to check the settings for displaying of 3D content:

  • Device Management > Chrome > Settings > User & Browser Settings > Content). Confirm that "Always allow display of 3D Content?" is check

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