Topic Settings: Attach Files, Articles, and more with Topic Attachments

You can add up to 9 attachment links to your Flipgrid Topics. This can be any standard Web URL including online Word documents, Google Docs, PowerPoints, files saved on dropbox, or web articles! You can also attach links when submitting videos.

Here's how educators can attach up to 9 links with their Topics:

  1. Go to your Educator Dashboard at
  2. Select a Group. Then scroll down to see a list of your Topics.
  3. Use Edit Topic (little pencil) mceclip1.pngto edit the topic(not to be confused with editing a Group) and scroll down to Topic Attachments 
  4. Select Add Attachements mceclip1.pngAdd any link you want!

Need help getting a link to your documents? Learn how to use Microsoft OneDrive to share Word docs, Excel docs, PowerPoints, OneNote, etc. Google Drive also makes it easy to share a link.


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