Provide private feedback to member videos

Lead Alert! Giving feedback in Flipgrid has changed.

To make Flipgrid easier to use and streamline functionality, leads can only leave feedback via private text or video comments from August '21. The feedback tab and rubrics will no longer be available. Members can view private text and video comments under their response in addition to Members will also still receive an email notification when a lead submits a private text or video comment.

How can members view their private feedback provided prior to August'21?

Members can view the private feedback through Read more here.

We are here to listen to your feedback and make Flipgrid better meet your needs. To share your feedback on this change, please click here and select request as the option that best describes your question.

What happened to the feedback I provided prior to August '21?

Leads will still be able to download private feedback.

How to provide private feedback to member videos


1. Go to the member's response video page. 

2. Select the mceclip0.png camera icon if you would like to submit a private video comment. Or type in your text comment in the text field. 

3. Select Private from the drop down menu. 

4. Select Send.

Note: If you have moderated the member's response or set the video as hidden, the member will not be able to view the response on the Flipgrid dashboard. They will only be able to see the text response via email if they used an email. For video responses, they will only have a thumbnail image of the video.


How members view their private feedback

Current Private Feedback Previous Private Feedback

How members view their private feedback - post August 10, 2021


1. Members can check our their private comments or videos by signing in with their email to MyFlipgrid

2. Select Activity from the menu.

3. Under the Private Comments column, members will be able to view which responses have private comments. Select View.

4. Scroll down to the comment section and they will be able to see private comments marked beside their lead's name. 


How to download previous feedback prior to August'21

Export Individual Response View Individual Response Export All Responses

1. Go to the Topic that you would like to get the previous private feedback from. Select the response you would like to download. 

2. Under the Comments column, please select the the text that says private. 

3. You will be taken to the individual response page. You will see a banner that says "You previously left feedback on this response." Select export data.

4. A CSV of the private feedback will be downloaded. Open the file.
5. Go to the column that says Private Feedback Link.


6. Select the link and paste it in your browser. You will be able to see the previous feedback.


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