Group leads: Edit video details

Group leads can view and edit the description or link for videos submitted by Group members in their admin account. NOTE: Leads can edit the description or link, but members will need to submit a new video to make any changes to the video itself.

How to edit video details:

      1. Sign in to and go to your Educator Dashboard. 
      2. Select the Topics tab.
      3. Select the Topic to view the Responses.
      4. Scroll to see a list of videos. Select the ... button and select Edit Response. mceclip0.png
      5. Edit the description and link to the response.
      6. Select Save when you are done editing.

Videos and cover images can't be edited after they've been submitted. To make an update, download the video, edit in another application (such as iMovie), and submit the video as a new Response.

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