Update Topic and Topic Details

Leads can edit their Topics at any time and change settings such as Video LengthClosed Captions, Video ModerationScheduled Dates and more.


Edit Your Topic

  1. Visit your educator dashboard at admin.flipgrid.com
  2. Select the Topic Tab mceclip0.png
  3. On your topic, use the Edit Topic (little pencil) mceclip1.png

Topic Settings

  • Title: A short, 35 character max title for the Topic
  • Prompt: A question of stimulus for the Topic. Check out the Discovery Library for ideas!
  • Recording Time: Max recording time of student videos. The minimum time is 15 seconds and supports a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • Closed Captions: Set a different language or turn off closed captions.
  • Video Moderation:
    • Off = students will see each classmate's videos. This is the default for all new Topics.
    • On = NEW videos will be hidden and only visible to the teacher.
      • Important: If you turn on "Moderate videos and comments," your members won't be able to edit response details included in a video submission. The "Edit response details" option won't show up, but they'll be able to delete their response.
  • Media: Add a Topic video, image, giphy, or a featured link.
  • Attachments: Add up to 9 external links to websites such as OneNote, Google Docs, or YouTube.
  • Status:
    • Active = students can record
    • View Only = students can only view videos
    • Hidden = students can't see the Topic nor its videos
  • Scheduled Dates:
    • Launch Date = Schedule when a Topic goes from Hidden to Active at 12:01am 
    • Freeze Date = Schedule when a Topic goes from Active to Frozen (view only) at 11:59pm
  • Video and Cover Image Effects: Students can add filters, stickers, drawing, and text to their videos and cover images.
  • Video Editing: Students can trim and rearrange clips. You can't prevent students from starting over.
  • Comments: Allow students to reply via video or text to another student
  • Attachment Link: Allow students to include an external link with their video such as news articles or Word Docs
  • View Count: Each view counts as soon as you tap play. There is no way to track which specific student views a video.
  • Likes: Off by default, you can allow students to like other student videos. There is no way to track which specific student likes a video.
  • Sticky Note: Students can take notes using stickies before or during recording. These are not saved after submitting.

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