Group leads can add an unlimited number of Topics to their Group. Topics are the conversation prompts or questions and are the key to members sharing their voice by recording a Flipgrid video. 

Need some inspiration? Check out our Discovery Library for Topics created by our partners, like the Met, or our community of leads

Creating a Topic 

  1. Go to the Groups tab and choose a Group.
  2. Select Add a Topic mceclip5.png
  3. Customize your Topic with Topic Details
  4. Optional: add attachments, topic media, and recording time. 


  1. Optional: Select Settings mceclip0.pngto moderate the topic, guest password, launch dates, and more


Select Save to Group


Topic Details

  • Title: Name your Topic.
  • Prompt: Add in your discussion prompt or instructions for your members. Members can reference these details in the Flipgrid camera as well!
  • Media: Add a video, image, or link a resource that will stand out to your members


Other options to customize your Topic

Topic Attachments

For additional Topic settings, select the Settings mceclip7.png button on the right. 


  • Topic Moderation: Default submitted videos to be hidden from members until approved by the lead. Learn more about Topic Moderation.
  • Recording Time: Determine the maximum recording length for members
  • Comments: Enable Video, Text, Video and Text, or no comments. Learn more about comments.
  • Closed Captions: Set the correct language for your closed captions or turn them off
  • Status: Make the Topic Active, Hidden from members, or Frozen (view-only) upon creation
  • Scheduled Dates: Activate or freeze the Topic on a specific date

Topic status

  • Attachment Links: Determine if members can include a link with their video submission
  • View Count: Display or hide the video counts from members
  • Likes: Allow members to like videos
  • Download and Share: Determine whether or not members have access to download their own videos after creating it

Camera settings for Responses

  • Essentials: Determine if members can use text, drawing, photos, stickers, frames, and board.
  • Expressions: Determine when members can use filters, backdrops, GIFS, stickers, and more camera effects 
  • Sticky Notes: Allow or hide sticky notes in the camera when recording

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