Topic moderation: Make member videos and comments private to the lead

Topic moderation hides all member videos and comments from other Group members. Only the Group lead and co-leads will be able to view them in their Educator Dashboard. Topic Moderation is a great feature for leads who manually want to view and approve videos for members to view, use Flipgrid for private office hours, or assessments. 

Enabling Topic moderation

    1. Go to your Educator Dashboard at
    2. From your Dashboard page, go to the Topics tabmceclip0.png, locate your Topic or create a new topic in your group.
    3. Use the pencil icon mceclip1.png to Edit Topic. 
    4. Click on Settings mceclip2.png.
    5. Within the Topic section, toggle on Moderate videos and comments. 


  • Any videos and comments that were submitted prior to enabling Topic Moderation will remain visible to members until the lead hides them. All new videos and comments will automatically be hidden. 
  • If you turn on "Moderate videos and comments," members won't be able to edit response details included in a video submission. The "Edit response details" option won't show up, but they'll be able to delete their response.


Video Response moderation view for members

Members can confirm that their Topic is moderated in the following ways: 

1. Members  will see the Moderated text underneath the Add Response button.


2. Members will receive a confirmation on the last step of the recording process


3. Members will return to the Topic to see a moderation message.


Hide or Activate Individual Videos

The quickest way to watch and make moderated videos visible is to use your Recent Videos section. Here, you can filter for moderated videos to quickly streamline your process to review and activate videos. 

Recent Videos Section

  1. On your Educator Dashboard, click on your Profile icon.
  2. On the dropdown, click on Activitymceclip0.png.
  3. Toggle right Only Show Moderated Responsesmceclip2.png.


Topic Level 

Group leads can also activate videos directly from within the Topic: 

  1. Go to your Educator Dashboard at
  2. Select a Topic 
  3. Scroll down to see a list of videos.
    • Change Hidden to Active so members can view them.
    • Use the batch actions to activate multiple or all videos at once.


How to turn off Topic moderation on an existing public Topic

Topics that belong to existing public Groups will automatically be moderated to further protect those who use Flipgrid. To turn off Topic moderation, you'll need to update the permissions of the existing public Group first. 

1. Select the existing Public Group.

2. Select Edit Group.

3. Go to the *Manage Members section.

4. Select either Email (Recommended option), Username, or Google Classroom.

5. Select Update Group mceclip4.png.

6. Then, select the Group that your topic is located.

7. Use the pencil icon mceclip1.png to Edit Topic .

8. Click on Settings mceclip2.png.

9. Within the Topic section, toggle the Approve member activity  setting to be off.

10. Turn off Topic Moderation.


11. Select Update Topic mceclip6.png.

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