Canvas: LTI Launch Error or 'Connect Flipgrid to Canvas' with Red Rectangle


First, check your Role within the Canvas Course:

  1. Open your Canvas Course, and click on People on the left
  2. Verify that your Role is 'Teacher' on the list

Second, individual educators need to install the integration themselves - a system-wide or admin-level setup will cause issues.

Third, if you're logged into a Flipgrid tab in the same browser session as your Canvas tab, please ensure it's logged into the same account that you used to generate the Consumer Key and Shared Secret during setup.

After confirming both, check that Flipgrid has automatically generated the Topic for your Assignment. If not, you can trigger the process manually:

  1. Open the Assignment where you added Flipgrid as the External Tool
  2. Click Load [Assignment name] in a new window, if that button is showing
  3. You should be able to see your Flipgrid Topic now
  4. Go back to Home in the Canvas Course
  5. Click Student View on the right
  6. Navigate to the Assignment again, and open Flipgrid

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