Can Members Record Audio Only?

Yes! The 'Mic only' option lets members turn the camera off, so only their voice is recorded via the microphone. Please see this complete guide for more details.

If members don't have a camera, they can still import a video a Flipgrid. Record a video on another program, such as Screencastify, Zoom, or Chatterpix.

Even with video, members don't need to show their faces in the video! Members can use a board to cover the camera, use stickers, and other creative ways to submit audio-only videos! Members can also include text in their videos.


NOTE - features below are only available on iOS and Android apps, Chrome, Firefox, and the new Microsoft Edge. They are not available on Safari, old Edge, or IE.

Blackboard & Whiteboard Mode

The Flipgrid camera provides whiteboard and blackboard mode. Members can then draw, add stickers, or simply record a video with just audio - no image needed!


Pixel Filter

Members can also add filters to their videos. One of the filters is pixel mode which distorts the image so it doesn't show any details.



Members can use another program to create a video and then import the custom video to Flipgrid. ScreencastifyChatterpix, BookCreator and others are great ideas!

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