Note: Frozen Topics are now called "View only."

As a lead, you can change a Topic to view only to prevent new videos from being submitted, while still allowing members to access and view the video responses that have already been submitted.

This is great if leads don't want members to record videos outside of school hours, share topics with others, and preventing late submissions. 

Change a Topic to view only

  1. Sign in to to go to your Educator Dashboard.
  2. Go to the Topics tab.
  3. Select the Topic you would like to change to view only.
  4. Go to the Active button and select View only from the drop down.



  • You can also add a Guest Password to the topic to share view only access with friends, families, peers, and more. 
  • If you make a Topic “View only" members won't be able to edit response details included in a video submission. The "Edit response details" option won't show up, but they'll be able to delete their response.

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