Flagged Video: Why was this video flagged?

Apps require users to have the ability to flag content as inappropriate. Leads and members can flag videos. When a video is flagged, the lead will get an email notification with the video details.

In most cases, users accidentally flag something as inappropriate. Moreover, members may flag their own videos because they want them removed or didn't like that other members could see their video (note that instead of flagging, members can hide or delete videos via my.flipgrid.com).

What should I do if a video was flagged?

Only the lead is alerted of the flagged video. You have the power to review and take action, if necessary. If the Lead views and approves of the video, then no action is necessary.

If the video has been made inactive due to multiple flag reports, you may choose to activate the video or reach out to the individual and offer the opportunity to record a new video.

The member nor Flipgrid is alerted of a video being flagged.

Who flagged the video?

Due to privacy reasons, we cannot provide who flagged the video.

Can I turn off the flagging feature?

Due to apps requiring this feature, there is no way for us to turn off this setting.

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