How do members view private comments?

Leads can provide private feedback to members using private comments. Members can go to to view private comments from leads on their videos and easily access Topics and Groups they've joined in the past. MyFlipgrid is only available to members who've used emails to sign in to their Groups and Topics.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Activity button  mceclip1.pngon the top right
  3. Select the video with private comments and click View



Not using email to sign in?

If members aren't using email to sign in and are using a Member Username to join the Topic, they'll need to try one of the following ways to view their private comments:

  1. Leads will need to share their comments with members via email, LMS communications, or any other platform to communicate with members. 
  2. The member will need to log back into the Group or Topic with their user name, and view their video to read the comment

For more questions please contact your lead for help getting your feedback.

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