Members: How to download your videos

Members may only download their own videos. There are a few different ways members can download their own videos.

NOTE: Members can not download another member's video.

Download while recording

  • During the review step
    • While recording, members will see a cloud icon during the  option to download in the top right


  • During the submission step
  • Members can download the video and selfie during the last step of the recording process.
  • NOTE: Leads can turn off the download option.
  • If your are on Chrome and you record multiple clips or trim the video, there is no option to download during video creation - this only works on the new Microsoft Edge!


If using an email, members can go to to easily access any Group or Topic they have joined in the past by logging in with their email. They can also:

  1. View videos that are moderated and hidden from the Discussion
  2. View private comments from their Group lead - this includes text comments, scores, and video feedback
  3. Download their video and selfie
  4. Hide or Delete their video

Contact Your Lead

If you forget to download during video creation and did not use an email to join the discussion (Username or Guest Password), contact the lead for help downloading the video.

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