Camera Help: Black or Loading Camera

This article walks through troubleshooting steps for an issue where the Flipgrid camera continues to load or shows a black screen.


Using Safari or old Edge? Switch to Chrome or the new Microsoft Edge as they have the latest technology and provide the best Flipgrid recording experience.

Recommended Browser Steps

  1. Update to the latest version of your web browser:
  2. Try another browser to see if the issue is browser-related
  3. Restart your device

PC Microphone Permissions

Flipgrid requires both camera and microphone permissions. If the microphone doesn't work, the camera may not start either. Please check the PC microphone permissions.

  1. Search (win+S) 'Microphone privacy settings'
  2. Check 'Microphone access for this device is On/Off'. Change to 'On'
  3. Then scroll down to 'Allow desktop apps to access your microphone'. Turn 'On'

Update PC Camera

If these steps don't resolve your issue, then you will need to update your device's camera. Follow these steps for PCs and make sure to uninstall and reinstall the camera driver.

Each PC device may also have specific camera settings to review

If you continue having issues, submit a support request with your device information and confirm you already reinstalled the camera driver.


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