Screen Recording: How to record your screen using the Flipgrid camera

You'll need to update to the latest version of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Group leads and members can use a variety of Flipgrid features to share their ideas, stories, learnings, and more! Screen recording allows leads and members to record their screen right in the Flipgrid camera.

This article includes:

How to take a screen recording

Web Browser Mobile App


  1. Navigate to your Flipgrid Topic page using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge
  2. Select Record a Response to open the Camera
  3. Select Options to see all your video options
  4. To record your screen:
    • Select Record screen then select Start screen recording and choose which content you want to share. Once you've chosen the content you want to share your screen will begin recording immediately. 
    • You can choose to record your:
      • Entire screen: Capture your entire screen, including the video in the right corner.
      • A specific application window: Capture a specific window
      • A browser tab: Capture a specific browser (Edge or Chrome only) tab 
  1. To review and edit your response:
    • When you're finished recording your video, navigate back to your Flipgrid window and select Stop Recording. You can trim, edit, or add more to your video.
  2. You've created a response with a screen recording!


How to update your device permissions

On Mac On PC
  1. Go to your computer's System Preferences
  2. Select Privacy
  3. On the left menu, select Screen Recording
  4. Enable the Edge or Chrome browser to screen record
  5. Restart your browser to make sure the permissions are saved
  6. Any issues allowing permission, visit this Apple help article


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