Record a presentation with screen recording

Group members can record their presentations using Flipgrid's screen recorder feature! Whether you created a presentation on Google Slides, PowerPoint, or something else, members can record what's on the screen, narrate with audio, and submit to Flipgrid!

Record presentations on Flipgrid

  1. Tap the green plus button to open the Flipgrid camera.
  2. Open the Options drawer
  3. Select Record screen 
  4. Start the screen recording
    • Members can head to whatever application they want to record - Google Slides, PowerPoint, or a website!
    • It will capture anything on their screen and their audio
    • When done, select "Stop Sharing" and complete the steps to submit the video on Flipgrid!

Whether you're using Google Slides, PowerPoint, Buncee, or any other application to make slides, your members can record this on Flipgrid!

To learn more about screen recording, check out screen recording with Flipgrid.


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