Member Username - Importing a CSV

Leads can add up to 250 unique Member Usernames to a Topic or Group at one time. Leads can enter the Member Usernames one by one, or they can import them using a CSV file!

  1. Access your Lead account at 
  2. Select the Groups tab.
    • Click on + Groupmceclip2.png to create a new group. Scroll down and click on mceclip1.png
    • On your existing group, select More options mceclip0.pngand Edit the Group
  3. Scroll to the Username section and expand it
  4. Here you can add or edit your member list
  5. Select upload a CSV file to import your Member Usernames

Formatting the CSV

The spreadsheet should include 3 headings - first_name, last_name, and id. Leads can download a template here: Member Username Template. Here's an example of how the spreadsheet should be formatted:

first_name last_name id
John Smith js1
Harry Potter hp23
Steve Johnson sj145

Keep in mind, Member Usernames are space and case sensitive. 

Uploading the CSV

The CSV should be saved as a .csv file. When saving the file in your program (Microsoft Word, Google Sheets, Numbers, etc.), please ensure you are saving as a CSV.


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