Member List - See Who Has Accessed the Group

Every Group in Flipgrid comes with a Member list, which records every member that has accessed the Group. In addition, from this list, leads can also:

Here's how you can view the Member list for a Group:

  1. Go to the Groups tab in your Flipgrid Lead Dashboard.
  2. Click on a Group, and click on the Member tab to view the list of members.

You can also click on the Name column-header to sort the list by member names.


This is NOT a list of who has Permission to access the Group

Please update the Group's Permissions setting to grant or deny someone access to the Group. From there, you'll find that the Member list won't necessarily match the list of people with Permission to access the Group:

  • If someone is listed in the Permissions setting but not in the Member list, that person is allowed to access the Group but has not actually done so.
  • If someone is listed in the Member list but not in the Permissions setting, that person is no longer allowed to access the Group but has done so in the past.


What counts as "accessing" the Group?

It depends on the Permission type.

Permission Type What Counts As "Access"
Student Email Student successfully signs in to the Group with their school email

Member Username

Member is added to the Group in the Permissions setting
Google Classroom Student was on a Google Classroom roster that was previously synced


Description of each column in the list

Column Description
Name Member's first name and last initial
Email Address* Email address used to sign in to the Group, or the email provided when the member submitted a video
Member ID* Username used to sign in to the Group
Last Video Date of the member's last video submission
Last Accessed Date when the member last accessed the Group
Videos Total number of videos - both Responses and Comments - submitted by the member


*If you change the Group's Permission type from Member Email to Member Username, all members will automatically be assigned a Member ID. If you change it back to Member Email, the Email Address will show for members who have previously signed in to the Group with their email. Otherwise, for those who have only signed in with a Member ID, the Email Address will be blank.

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