Leads can view the total number of videos submitted by their members in a Group, as well as other various Flipgrid actions using the Members List. Members will only appear within the Member List once they've joined the Topic at least once.

Viewing videos by member

  1. Select the the Group from the Groups tab
  2. Select the Members tab to view a list of Members.
  3. Select the member's profile mceclip0.png
  4. You will be shown their video(s)



From this view, leads can also do the following from the batch Actions or Response table:

  • Activate or Hide a video
    • Make the member video visible or hidden within the Topic
  • Share the video with a private link, embed the video, or share to Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, or Remind
    • Share the member video with others using a private share link
  • Edit the video details
    • Change the display name, provide feedback, or edit the closed captions for the video
  • Add to the video to a Mixtape
    • Easily create a member portfolio by adding to a Mixtape to share with others
  • Download the video or cover image
    • Download the video or image to your device
  • Delete the video
    • Permanently delete the video

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