Closed Captions for Shorts

We work very hard to make sure Flipgrid is inclusive and accessible to all. You can choose to have all your Flipgrid videos automatically transcribed and close-captioned by Microsoft Azure. In addition to changing the language and disabling closed captions, Group leads can also edit closed captions or add closed captions to videos with no audio.  Members can't edit their closed captions but they can add custom text to their videos. Learn more here.

How to edit closed captions on Shorts videos:

  1. Sign in to your Educator Dashboard at
  2. Go to your Shorts videos in the top menu
  3. Select the Shorts video 
  4. Select the Edit Captions tab 
  5. Edit your captions and update!  

 While editing, there are a few options:

  • Edit text: Edit the text if there are any incorrect captions. 
  • Combine: Combining the caption will merge the text field with the one above it to create one longer caption. This is helpful for short captions.
  • Split: Splitting the caption will break the text in that caption into two separate captions. This is helpful for long captions.

How to generate new closed captions on Shorts videos:

Group leads can also generate brand new captions on-demand! You can use this feature to change the language of the captions.


  • Generating new closed captions will overwrite the existing version
  • English is always set as the default closed caption language 
  • Changing to a different closed caption language will not be saved as the default setting

1. Select the Short from your library of Shorts

2. (a) If your Shorts is long or has recently been created, please check back shortly for the closed captioning to appear.

2. (b) Once your closed captions have finished processing, select Request new captions.


3. Select Generate captions for me. Choose your language from the drop down menu. For example, Select Spanish if you are speaking Spanish

*Note: Closed captions does not translate your audio to a different language. It can only translate the captions created from the language you've used. For example, speaking English and selecting French will not generate French translations.


4. Check back momentarily for your closed captions to appear. Refresh the page to see your updated captions.



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