Learn about the Flipgrid camera

The Flipgrid camera is the heart of Flipgrid. The camera helps you to creatively share your voices, ideas, and more with its many features. Learn about all the different ways and tools you can use to create your video below.

Important: Some camera features and where they're found may differ depending on if you use Flipgrid on web or the Flipgrid app.

Get started with the camera

After you open the camera, you’re able to record yourself, or choose whether you want a video with only sound, only images, just your device screen, or upload a prerecorded video.

Record and pause

When the camera is open you can start recording a video when you select Record Camera_app_.png. You can tell when you’re recording when Record Camera_app_.png turns into Pause Pause.png, and the circle outline turns red. Select Pause Pause.png to stop recording.

Note: In the Flipgrid app, when the camera isn’t open, you’ll find Camera_app_.png at the bottom of some pages. If you tap Camera_app_.png, the camera will open. After the camera is open, tap Record Camera_app_.png to start recording.

Options drawer

In the options drawer there are different ways for you to create your video and use the camera. Some of these options you can change while you record. At the bottom of the camera, select Options.

  • Upload clip Upload.png: Add a video clip from your device to your Flipgrid recording.
  • Mic only Mic_only.png: Turn off the camera to only record sound with your microphone.
  • Mirror video Mirror.png: Flip the camera makes sure that any text isn't backwards.
  • Mute Mute.png: Turn off the microphone to only record video with your camera.
  • Record screen Record_screen.png: Share your screen (available on Edge and Chrome) and present your Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, a news article, and more.
  • Device Settings Settings.png: You can select the camera and microphone input you want to use to record your video. You can also make sure the volume detected by your selected microphone isn't too loud or soft.

Make your videos stand out

Flipgrid lets you do a lot more than just record yourself. You’re able to add a camera color filter, background, draw on the screen, and a lot more. Show off just how informative, creative, and unique you are.

Effects drawer

Use the different effects to make your video more informative and fun. At the bottom of the camera, select Effects Effects__Wand_.png. You can add all effects before or while you record.

  • Filter Filter.png: Apply a filter to the camera to change the color and style of the image in your video. Filters include rainbow, pixel, black and white, and more.
  • Text Text.png: Add on-screen text to your video with various fonts and colors you can choose.
  • Pen Pen.png: Draw on the video while you record. You’re able to choose the color and thickness of the line.
  • Board Board.png: Split your screen with a whiteboard, chalkboard, graph paper, or other image. Use this area to add other effects and showcase your ideas.
  • Stickers Stickers.png: Add one or multiple emojis to the recording. Browse the library or search for a specific one.
  • GIF Gif.png: Search for and add a gif or animation to express how you're feeling. 
  • Photo Photo.png: Add a custom image from your device to the camera.
  • Frame Frame.png: Apply a frame around the camera. Make it look like you’re an anchor for the news or you’re in the underwater in the ocean.

Note: You're able to resize emojis, text, pen lines, and images. Select the effect and use on-screen controls, the mouse, or touch to adjust.


You can record anytime and anywhere when you use Flipgrid's web backdrops. At the bottom of the camera, select Backdrop Backdrop.png.

With backdrops, you have more control over what you want to share and not what's happening behind you. Learn more about backdrops.

Sticky note

You’re able to take on-screen notes while you record or as you watch your video back. At the top of your camera or video after you record it, select New note Note.png. In the Flipgrid app, Sticky notes are found in the Options drawer.

You can move sticky notes around your screen to keep yourself organized while you record or when you write down your thoughts while you review what you just recorded. These notes aren’t part of your video when you submit it, you’re the only person who can view them.

Note: Leads are able to turn on or off Sticky notes in the topic settings.


After you record your video, you’re able to add music before you submit it. Under your recorded video, select Add music Music.png. On the Flipgrid app, Add music Music.png is at the top of your screen. Add instrumental music tracks from Flipgrid directly to make sure your video represents exactly what you want. Learn more about how to add music.

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