Welcome to Flipgrid! To ignite your learners' discussions, you will need to set up your Educator account, create a classroom (we call them Groups!), and share your first Topic.  

Topics are discussion prompts that you create and your members respond to that prompt with a short video. 

Step 1:  Sign up for a free Flipgrid account

Before you begin, you'll need a Microsoft or Google account. Please note your email may be associated with Microsoft or Google even if it doesn't end with @outlook.com or @gmail.com:

If your school or organization uses... You have a...
OneDrive, Outlook, Teams, Word Microsoft account
Google Classroom/Docs/Drive, Gmail Google account

If you don't have either, select Sign Up with Microsoft/Google and follow the steps to create an eligible email account.

To create your free Flipgrid account:

  1. Go to https://info.flipgrid.com/, and select Signup in the top-right corner
  2. Select Sign Up with Microsoft or Sign Up with Google
  3. Choose an email
    • If you're going to use Flipgrid for your school or organization, use the email provided by them to sign up.
    • If you're not sure whether your email is hosted by Microsoft or Google, try logging in to your email in another tab before creating your account. When you select Sign Up with Microsoft/Google, your email should appear as an option.
  4. Share your location, and identify the type of community you wish to create
  5. Confirm you're an adult by entering your birthdate
    • Your birthday is only used to verify your age, and we won't save this information.
  6. That's it! You've created your free Flipgrid account 🎉


Step 2:  Create a Group 

Groups are a shared space for your learners to join the Discussion. To set up your Group:

  1. Click on the create a group button mceclip1.png
  2. Name your Group (Classroom 15 or Mrs. Smith's Science Room)
  3. Set your Permissions, or how learners will join your Group (Member Emails, Usernames, or Google Classroom for members)

For a full walkthrough, check out this article on how to create a Group.



Step 3: Share your Group

Now that your Group is created, invite your learners to join or test it out yourself

Members receive the Join Code or link and must log in with their email or username.   

Families who want to join a Topic can receive the Join Code and must log in with the guest password

There are few ways to share your group:

1- Share the Join Code or link with your members, families or community


2- Click on the Share Buttonmceclip1.pngto share the Join Code or Link to Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, Remind, embed, QR code, or simply copying and pasting it to share with your learners in a different platform, such as email. If you created usernames for younger members make sure to share those too. 


3- Within your group you can clicking on the Join code to copy the code.




Learn more about ways leads can share the Group


Step 4:  Record videos on the Topic or create a new Topic

Within your Group, we've automatically created your first Topic for you, called Hello, I am... for an easy way to invite your member#s to introduce themselves to Flipgrid! To view the Topic in detail, select the Topic in the Topics table.




Feel free to test this Topic out by going to your Group or invite your members to Join. 

Have a different idea for a Topic? Create a new Topic or browse our Discovery Library for Topics created by our partners and lead community!

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