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The Discovery Library is a great place for leads to find and add Topics created by Flipgrid partners or other leads to their Discussions! 

Discovery Partners

Flipgrid is proud to partner with organizations around the world to curate Topics for our community to use. Explore Topics created by the Met to spark Art discussions, support Dyslexic members with Made by Dyslexia, or empower members to strive for diversity and inclusion with the Langston League


Explore all Flipgrid Partners here.

Topic and Wonder of the Day

We're excited to feature a Topic of the Day for and a Wonder of the Day by Wonderopolis for leads to easily access and add new Topics to their Discussions daily!


What are Collections?

Collections allow you to explore an array of Topics within a specific subject or theme. Explore Collections like Back to School, Conversations About Race, Equity and Justice, or Conversation Starters for Topics to use with your members.

Create your own Collection


Group leads can add Topics to create their own Collections! Create Collections organized by your subjects, languages, or your activities, or Topics submitted by other leads in your school. Share a Collection for other leads or Co-Leads to use. 

Read more on how to submit a Topic to the Discovery Library or learn how to create a Collection.

How to add a Discovery Library Topic to your class

You have the ability to find Discovery Library Topics and save it as as your own Topic to share in your classroom. Here is how:

1. Select the Discovery tab.

2. Browse through the Discovery Library using Featured, Subjects, Trending Topics, Featured Collections etc. Select the Topic of your choice.  

3. Select Add Topic.

4. You have the option to add your Topic to one of your existing Groups or create a new Group. 

4a. If selecting Add to your Groups, you will be prompted to select which Group to put the Topic in. 

5. Select Next.

6. You will receive a success message that Topic has been added to your Group or to your list of Topics if it is an individual Topic. 


Share a Discovery Library Topic

If there is a Discovery Library Topic that you enjoyed using, share it with others! 

Here is how:

1. Select the Topic that you would to share from the Discovery Library.

2. Select the share icon mceclip5.png.

3. Copy the link, Facebook share or post it on Twitter to let your community know what you've discovered!


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