Group notifications for members

Group leads can turn on notifications for members to subscribe to email updates from the discussion! By following a group, members will get emails on when new topics are created and video responses are added.

Allow notifications for members

  1. Access your educator account at
  2. Select the Groups tab
  3. Move your cursor over the group you'd like to enable notifications on.
  4. Select Edit Group.
  5. Select the Settings tab, and turn on Allow notifications for members.
  6. Select the blue Update Group to apply the changes.


How members subscribe to group notifications

  1. Enter the Join Code at or on the free Flipgrid apps, scanning the QR code, or directly through the Join Link. Learn more about how to join the Discussion here.
  2. Select More options options.png in the group banner, and then Get email notifications


Group notifications for leads

By default, leads will receive a daily summary of new videos submitted to the group and any new topics that were added. Leads can adjust this to be weekly summaries, receive emails for every new video, or turn off notifications completely.

  1. Access your educator account at
  2. Within Discussions, select the Group you'd like to enable notifications on
  3. Select the Actions button and Edit Group
  4. Select the Settings tab, and choose an option in the Set my notification frequency dropdown
  5. Select the blue Update Group to apply the changes


NOTE - Both leads and members will always receive confirmations and updates on videos they submit to the Discussion.

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