Give members a guest password for Topics

Group leads easily can invite family members, friends, co-workers, experts, or other communities to join a Topic with a guest password. To join the Topic, participants simply open the join code or link and then enter the guest password.

Setting up a guest password


  1. Log in to your account at
    • To add a guest password to a new topic, select +Topic create-topic.png
    • To add a guest password to an existing topic, find it in your Topics page and select Edit topic edit.PNG
  2. Select the Settings tab, and scroll down to Guest password (optional)
  3. Toggle the setting on, and enter a password
  4. Update or create your topic
  5. Share with your Group members. Members sign in to the Topic with the join code and guest password. 



Do your members have a Microsoft or Google account? Add them by email or domain.

What if your members don't have emails? Learn more about usernames for younger members to enter a custom username or easily scan a QR badge.

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