Groups help organize Topics together and share them. You can share all the Topics in a Group using a Group Join Code or Link share a single Topic using the Topic Join Code or Link. 


Create a Group using the Web Browser

Web Browser Mobile Application
  1. Select the Groups Tabmceclip3.png
  2. Select Add Group mceclip4.png 
  3. A group cover image is automatically chosen for you but you can select Edit Theme if you would like a different one. 
  4. Add a Group Name 
  5. Add members to using Emails, Domains, Usernames, Google Classroom, or Shareable Link. 
    • Email or Domain: Members can join with a specified email domain (, or add specific email addresses (
    • Usernames: If members do not have emails, you can create unique Usernames for them to join.
    • Google Classroom: Members who are in the Google Classroom roster can join.
    • Shareable Link: A quick way to give members access without choosing any of the above. You have the ability to approve or deny requests to join the group. 
  6. Click on Settings mceclip9.pngfor more options like:
  7. Add a Group Status : Active or Hidden
  8. Select Group Notifications to manage notifications 
  9. Click Create Group mceclip10.png and you are all set to Add Topics
    Hint: To see what the Group looks like to your members click Member Viewmceclip11.png
  10. Share the Group Join Code mceclip12.pngor Linkmceclip13.png with your members 
  • You can also share a QR Code to the Group, embed the Group, or share to Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, or Remind.
  • Optionally you can duplicate Topic(s) you've already created to the Group or move Topics from a different Group


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