Groups help organize Topics together and share them. You can share all the Topics in a Group using a Group Join Code or Link share a single Topic using the Topic Join Code or Link. 


Create a Group using the Web Browser

  1. Select the Groups Tabmceclip3.png
  2. Select Add Group mceclip4.png 
  3. A Group cover image is automatically chosen for you but you can select Edit Theme if you would like a different one. 
  4. Add a Group Name 
  5. Add members to using Emails, Domains or Usernames  or  Google Classroom
    • Email or Domain: members can join with a specified email domain (, or add specific email addresses (
    • Usernames: If members do not have emails, you can create unique Usernames for them to join.
    • Google Classroom: Members who are in the Google Classroom roster can join.
  6. Click on Settings mceclip9.pngfor more options like:
  7. Add a Group Status : Active or Hidden
  8. Select Group Notifications to manage notifications 
  9. Click Create Group mceclip10.png and you are all set to Add Topics
    Hint: To see what the Group looks like to your members click Member Viewmceclip11.png
  10. Share the Group Join Code mceclip12.pngor Linkmceclip13.png with your members 
  • You can also share a QR Code to the Group, embed the Group, or share to Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, or Remind.
  • Optionally you can duplicate Topic(s) you've already created to the Group or move Topics from a different Group

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