Can I archive Groups or Topics?

Flipgrid does not have a way to archive Topics and Groups, but we do offer ways for you to see your latest Topics and Groups and hide older Topics and Groups from your Group members.

Topics and Groups are sorted by the most recent activity by default. Group leads can also hide Topics and Groups so that members no longer have access, but remain accessible in the Lead Dashboard. Additionally, we make it easy to duplicate a Group.

Hide Topics or Groups

  1. Go to your Lead Dashboard at

For Groups:

  1. Select More options mceclip0.png
  2. Select Hide group mceclip1.png

For Topics:

  1. Select the Group that your Topic is located
  2. Change the status to "Hidden"


Duplicating Groups and Topics

  1. Go to your Lead Dashboard at
  2. Select the Topics or Group tab
  3. Select More Options mceclip0.png on the Topic or Group you would like to duplicate.
  4. Select "Duplicate Topic" or "Duplicate Group"

Note: For larger Groups, it can take a few minutes for the Group to duplicate. 


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