Canvas: Find your Consumer Key and Shared Secret

Creating the Consumer Key and Shared Secret

Here is how you can obtain a Consumer Key and Shared Secret for your Canvas LTI integration!

(If you've previously created a Key and Secret for a Canvas account, and you're simply reinstalling the integration for that account, please reuse the existing Key and Secret.)

  1. Click on Settings from the bubble in the top-right corner of your Flipgrid lead dashboard
  2. Select the Integrations tab
  3. Click Add New Integration, select a name e.g. 'Canvas Account 1', and then click Create
  4. Keep this open while you proceed with the integration setup, and you can copy-paste the Key and Secret when needed


Can I reuse the Consumer Key and Shared Secret?

The same Consumer Key and Shared Secret can be reused for all Courses within a Canvas account - including if you're reinstalling the integration. With different Canvas or Flipgrid accounts, however, you'll need to generate a new Key and Secret for each pair.

Do reuse:

  • For every course in the same Canvas account that's connected to the same Flipgrid account

Don't reuse:

  • When connecting the same Canvas account to different Flipgrid accounts
  • When connecting the same Flipgrid account to different Canvas accounts

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