Editing a video after submitting

Flipgrid is simple, quick, and fun! With that in mind, there is not a way to edit a video after you have clicked submit - during the creation process you can review, re-record, add more, trim, and rearrange clips. Rather than redo your first draft, show your work by recording a second, new video: you can even add this additional video as a comment to your first video!

If you would like, you can download (and hide or delete) your current video and then upload when creating a new video.

  1. Go to my.flipgrid.com
  2. Log in using the same account you used to create the video
  3. Navigate to the video and click Actions
  4. Click Download this video
  5. Go back to the Topic by clicking the corresponding link
  6. Click the Record button
  7. In the Flipgrid Camera experience, click the Options [...] button
  8. Select Upload clip
  9. You can now Trim the video and Add More (record additional clips)

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