Leads: Edit name, picture, email, password, and more!

When members access one of your Groups or Topics, they will see your profile picture and name to help them confirm they are in the right place! Your display name also gets shared whenever you add a video comment from your Flipgrid educator account. You can edit these details at any time by accessing your Profile.


In your Profile, you can also update your email address, password, GridPals profile, and default Topic settings.

To update your display name:

  1. Log in to your Flipgrid Educator account.
  2. Select the Profile icon.
  3. Select the mceclip1.pngpencil icon.


To update your other account information head to mceclip2.png Settings.

    • Account Settings
      • First name
      • Last Nname
      • Your grade(s)
      • Your subject(s)
      • School/organization name
      • Time zone
      • Country/region
      • State
      • Email
      • Password
      • Delete account
    • Social
      • Community bio
      • GridPals location
      • Email invitations (your email is not shared until you choose to reply.)
      • Social connections
      • Community builder
    • Default Topic 
    • Integrations
      • Google classroom roster
      • Canvas

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