Can I download all videos into a single video?

While there is not a way to download all your videos into a single video with Flipgrid, there are a few ways you can accomplish this vision!

Create a cinematic view-only Flipgrid experience with MixTapes

Mixtapes is a Flipgrid feature that enables you to showcase videos from across Topics and easily share as a single link for individuals, families, and communities! This is a view-only set of videos hand-selected by you. Learn how to create a MixTape!

Download all videos and combine them using a video editing app 

Group leads can download, move, or duplicate, or delete any Group member's videos at any time.

  1. Go to your Educator Dashboard at
  2. Navigate to the Topic in your Group
  3. Using the checkboxes on the table, select all the videos you wish to download
  4. Click on the Actions button at the top of the table
  5. Click Download Videos
  6. Upon downloading the videos, combine using a video editing software


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